Facets Ring | Brass
Facets Ring | Brass
Facets Ring | Brass

Facets Ring | Brass

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'Facets' has been carved by hand in wax and transformed into a metal ring using the lost wax process.
Each of our pieces are unique, so no two are the same.
Perfect imperfection | Fulfilling our passion of creating not so conventional rings.
What is Lost Wax Casting?
It is an ancient technique where a wax model is suspended in a flask and encased in plaster. When the flask is placed in a kiln the wax melts and runs out and you are left with a cavity in which to pour molten metal. Hence, the wax model is lost and a metal version is created.
Metal : Brass
Size : 18 mm d (internal)
Width (band) : 9 mm
Weight : 20 gm

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